Kennedy: Yes it is. All the knowledge of the Goa'uld. I just want you all to think on that before we just throw it away.
O'Neill: I've thought about it. You thought about it? I think we've all thought about it. Any more thinking to be done.
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Jack O'Neill: I'll say more about the man when I'm not tired.

So Damn Handsome: This site went through a lot of possible names, but I finally settled on "So Damn Handsome" when listening to a Season 4 commentary (can't remember which one, either Tangent or Beneath the Surface) and Peter DeLuise mentioned just how good looking O'Neill is, using the title of the site. I decided that if it even says it in the commentary then darnit, it was good enough for a site title. The layout is taken from a screencap of the screensaver downloadable at's Stargate Site. Between myself and my boy, we managed to alter it enough to make a pretty good layout image, but the real credit goes to SciFi.

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