Keroberos/Kero-chan: One of the main characters of Card Captor Sakura, Kero-chan is the "magical helper mascot" of the show. He is the guardian seal beast of the clow, but after he takes a 30 year nap the cards are scattered and Sakura must recapture them, with Kero's guidance. He has two forms, one is the small teddy-bear like form seen on the layout, that he has to revert to because there isn't enough magic for him to take his "true form." Once Sakura gathers the fire and earth cards, his signature cards, he transforms into "Big Kero" or a giant winged lion-like creature.

Kero is not a typical motherly helper animal (not at all like Luna!) but instead is brash and loud, speaking with a distince Osaka accent. He loves video games, he's obsessed with sweets (even though he doesn't need to eat). He's egotistical (but in a really cute way) and all in all he ends up living to help and protect Sakura.

Kero-Chan Check!: Named for the great segment at the end of the show where Kero-chan goes over the fashions of the episode, the fanlistings layout was created by Cyn of Erised Designs. Images were taken from our harddrives so we don't know where they came from.

Fanlistings:Fanlistings are exactly what they sound like, a list of fans. You fill out a form and your name is put on the list, so you can proudly display what you like. They're all collected by The Fanlistings.