Sagara Sousuke:Practically raised in the military, Sagara is now a Sergeant and a Mithril Soldier. He has been assigned to covertly protect Kaname Chidori from possible kidnappers and takes his job extremly seriously. But in a mission as an "average" high school student, he's not performing up to his normal standards.

Army Otaku: Images are probably from FullMetal*Panic because I got almost my whole personal collection there. I love that site. The layout is by Erised Designs and the title is one of the many phrases Chidori tends to use when mad at Sagara.

Fanlistings:Fanlistings are exactly what they sound like, a list of fans. You fill out a form and your name is put on the list, so you can proudly display what you like. They're all collected by The Fanlistings.