Sumomo: Translated as Plum for the American version, Sumomo is Shimbo's notebook PC (Personcom). She has more uses than can be listed, and she writes very well. She's also so darn cute!

Chobits:An eight volume manga series by CLAMP, Chobits is about a future where computers are now shaped like humans, and people are relying on them more and more. The main storyline focuses on Hideki, a poor student, finding a personcom in the trash. When he starts to investigate her origins he finds she might be of a mysterious Chobits series of personcoms, a secret project to develop real A.I.s

CLAMP:Four Japanese women who have some of the highest quality artwork ever. They also wrote Magic Knights Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, X/1999, Clover, and Angelic Layer.

Fanlistings (the site):Fanlistings are exactly what they sound like, a list of fans. You fill out a form and your name is put on the list, so you can proudly display what you like. They're all collected by The Fanlistings.