Kinomoto Touya: The manga and anime of Card Captor Sakura focus on the nine-year old magical girl Sakura. But her older brother Touya plays a big role as well, both calling Sakura a kaiju (monster) and by supporting her and helping her out. He has some psychic ability, and can sense that something is going on with Sakura, but because he's a good older brother, he's waiting for her to tell him. He's plays violin, piano, and soccer, has more jobs than you can shake a stick at, and is loyal and trustworthy. He makes a very large sacrafice for his best friend Yuki in later volumes, again proving what a great guy he is.

Seki Tomokazu: I'm just including an about here because I adore Seki Tomokazu, the voice of Touya. He's a fabulous seiyuu who has also voiced Van in Escaflowne, Chichiri and Kouji in Fushigi Yuugi, Ken in Weiss Kreuz, and several other of my favorite characters. He's listed on Vocal Dreame if you want more info and eventually soundbites.

Baito: In almost every single episode Touya is either at his part time job, or mentions that he has to work. And I don't think they show him twice at the same job, so you have to wonder if he works for a temp agency or what. Baito is the japanese word for part time job, and usually his one word response to "ONIICHAN, what are you doing here?" The picture for this layout is taken from the absolutly AMAZING site, Sakura no Hoshi, and everyone should visit and love it's Sakura-goodness.

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